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Balderdash Biodiesel


Balderdash Biodiesel

At Springboard Biodiesel, we spend a lot of time addressing ill-informed, mis-informed and maliciously deceitful opinions regarding biodiesel. As a result, we are tired of hearing about ill-informed car salesman, myopic fleet managers and "my dad's friend"s belittling biodiesel and hinting that use of the "stuff" could void your warranty. Balderdash is what that is (, but what we are interested in is real life stories of customers, cars and biodiesel (high-quality, ASTM-grade biodiesel, not mud your brother-in-law mixed up in a 5 gallon bucket down in the basement). For instance, we have a customer who uses B-100 (made in his BioPro™ 190, of course) in his 2012 Mercedes Bluetec Sprinter. Mercedes says that if you use more than B-5, you will wreck your engine, void your warranly and Iran will get a[nother] nuclear warhead.

We are cynical by nature, but the only reason we can come up with for the car companies to drag their feet on incorporating biodiesel into their every day sales literature is corporate apathy and the lack of consumers voting with their dollars. I am not going to buy a new VW or Mercedes or any other German car that says I can only use B-5. I'm coming back to the home shores and teeing up a new Jeep Cherokee or Ford. That's one lease the Germans aren't getting.

So give us your real life stories. If B-100 doesn't work, shouldn't we be asking the car companies WHY THE HELL NOT! Biodiesel is the most thoroughly tested alternative fuel on the planet. It's a cleaner burning compliment to diesel, and it works today without having to retrofit the car. What possible advantage does a car company get from actively dissuading those customers who want to take EASY action TODAY by using cleaner-burning, thoroughly-tested, domestically-produced, renewable biodiesel instead of, or in conjunction with, diesel fuel?

Today they slide by without economic consequence. Hopefully, tomorrow they will be shell-shocked by the masses' desire to own biodiesel burning vehicles!

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