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I am new to biodiesel

If you are looking for facts and information about biodiesel and how it can help you and your organization save money and help the environment, these articles are part of a growing library which should help your research.

Here you will find articles on everything from biodiesel basics, like basic safety tips and definitions, to more sophisticated information on ASTM quality and testing biodiesel. We also have information and case studies targeted at specific industries that have used biodiesel successfully as a part of their green initiatives.

Please enjoy these articles and come back to read new ones which we add on a regular basis. If you have any questions about how Biodiesel could fit in to your company's green initiatives, please contact one of our biodiesel experts.


We are excited to bring a local biodiesel buyer's club to Butte County, This area has a large diesel fleet and a broad group of progressive individuals and institutions that are eager to incorporate biodiesel into their normal fueling regimen.


By offering locally produced biodiesel, we can build a network of new "regular" biodiesel users and collectively make a difference today by reducing the area's carbon footprint.


Why a BioPro™

The Benefits of Making and using biodiesel made in a BioPro™ processor:


Biodiesel and the BioPro™ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is basically diesel fuel that you can make yourself. It is biodegradable, non-toxic, renewable, and it will work in any diesel engine without any engine modifications. You make Biodiesel out of animal or vegetable oils such as soybean, canola, or used restaurant fryer grease.Click here to learn about different sources. Using our machine, you can make Biodiesel for $1 per gallon. You also have to add the vegetable/animal oil cost to that, but many people are getting their oil for free so they are making their own biodiesel fuel for $1 per gallon.

Biodiesel Basics: Biodiesel Production

Why Biodiesel is (part of) the Answer

We believe that the burning of fossil fuels is a problem because fossil fuels are finite, they add significantly to pollution, and they generally come from locations outside US borders, presenting us with a ever increasing "access" and "cost" problem. Switching to Biodiesel will solve and/or reduce many of those problems.
If you don't know much about Biodiesel production and why it's so much better than normal diesel, let us help you out.


Biodiesel Library: Learn more about How to Make Biodiesel

If you are looking for facts and information about biodiesel and how it can help you and your organization save money and help the environment, these articles are part of a growing library which should help your research.

Biodiesel Basics: Safety Information

Springboard Biodiesel actively encourages our customers to exercise rigorous safety practices whenever they are interacting with potentially dangerous chemicals. While we strongly believe that biodiesel production in a BioPro biodiesel processor is inherently safe, we are constantly working to enhance the ease and safety of the BioPro biodiesel processor. Below we highlight some important safety information regarding the chemicals used in making biodiesel.

Biodiesel Basics: Facts and Myths on Making Biodiesel


What is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is an exciting and very fast growing alternative fuel  that can be purchased or made yourself. To break biodiesel down into two different approaches we have the following information regarding the question; What is biodiesel?

From a Technical standpoint:

Burning Biodiesel Fuel: Biodiesel Quality

Noticeable Differences Between Diesel and High Quality Biodiesel

Aside from the noticeable benefits (smoother running engine, and less noxious exhaust) from using high quality biodiesel, there are a few issues to be aware of when running biodiesel instead of petrol-diesel. The most common one that people notice is the difference in gel points of the fuels.

Straight Vegetable Oil Vs Biodiesel

While the benefits of burning biodiesel fuel are widely known and recognized, the effects of running straight vegetable oil (known as SVO) are often a matter of controversy and speculation. In an effort to clear up some of the confusion, the United States Department of Energy wrote an article in April of 2006 with the title Straight Vegetable Oil as a Diesel Fuel?


Biodiesel Basics: Biodiesel Processor Basic Ingredients


Methanol can be purchased locally from a number of different sources. Chemical suppliers, fuel distributors and auto racing shops sell it in 55 gallon steel drums.  Methanol used in the BioPro must be 99.99% pure.

The price of methanol can vary greatly from less than $2.00 per gallon to as much as $5.00 per gallon depending on where you live and who you buy it from.

Since Methanol is your most expensive input in the biodiesel-making process, we recommend you research your available options.