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Biodiesel Basics: Biodiesel Production

Why Biodiesel is (part of) the Answer

We believe that the burning of fossil fuels is a problem because fossil fuels are finite, they add significantly to pollution, and they generally come from locations outside US borders, presenting us with a ever increasing "access" and "cost" problem. Switching to Biodiesel will solve and/or reduce many of those problems.
If you don't know much about Biodiesel production and why it's so much better than normal diesel, let us help you out.


The Diesel Engine Problem

More than 60 billion gallons of diesel were consumed in the US last year


  • Economic cost = approximately $180 billion
  • Environmental impact = 660 million tons of CO2
  • Substantially negative health impact of diesel emissions – 10x higher cancer risk than all other hazardous air pollutants combined
  • The rest of the world is far more diesel centric – especially emerging economies R.O.W. consumed over 160 billion gallons worth almost $500 billion and responsible for over 1.76 billion tons of CO2
  • By 2020 it is projected that more than 1 billion cars will be on the road

This is a global issue that creates a global opportunity

How Beneficial is Biodiesel?

Average Biodiesel Emissions Compared to Conventional Diesel *
Emission Type B-100 B-20
Total Unburned Hydrocarbons -67% -20%
Carbon Monoxide -48% -12%
Particulate Matter (PM) -47% -12%
NOX 10% -2%
Sulfates -100% -20%
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons -80% -13%
Nitrated PAHs -90% -50%
Ozone Potential -50% -10%
Carbon Dioxide Emissions -78% -15%
CARB: -90% (from RVO)
* Source: EPA, NREL
Garbage Truck Equivalent Metrics:
Average garbage truck travels 25K miles/yr and gets 3mpg
  • 92.5 tons of CO2/truck/yr
  • Cost to switch to biodiesel = $0.00
  • Every 100 trucks converted to B-100 reduces CO2 by 14.4MM pounds

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