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SpringPro™ T76 Drywash Columns Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications:

  • Two (2) 10" diameter resin columns, each 5' tall powdercoated steel. Capable of pivoting for easy removal and reload access.
  • Center stand and legs made from powder coated steel, uses leveling feet to assure a stable work area. (33” x 33” footprint)
  • Overall height: 6’4”
  • Three pressure gauges show pressure at all times throughout the system.
  • Plumbing: stainless steel jacketed Teflon hose, JIC swivel fittings; columns plumbed in lead/lag configuration
  • Lead column preloaded with BDZorbX absorbent media, lag column preloaded with DW-R10 macroporous resin.
  • Includes inlet strainer, 20 GPH adjustable stainless metering pump, outlet fuel filter, appropriate plumbing/electrical, and component mounting frame.
  • All materials in contact with fluids are biodiesel compatible.