The latest from The US Military: they make 200+ gallons of fuel per day with with a BioPro 380EX & SpringPro T76 and saved $560,00 in their first 10 months. US Military
Uraguay makes 30. BioPro processors currently operating in 30 countries and in all 50 states. View the network

We Make The BioPro™ Biodiesel Processors. Automated, ASTM-grade fuel for 85 ¢/gal


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A Biodiesel Video & Toyota
A Lot of Problems, Some Basic Facts and Some Easy Solutions

I was agog at $133; I'm numb and depressed at $142, and I wonder what it will take for us to respond intelligently...$200???.

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Abe Douglas
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About Springboard Biodiesel, LLC.

Mission Statement

Springboard Biodiesel,LLC., incorporated in 2008, is a biodiesel equipment manufacturer that is leading the way in developing a vibrant, small-scale biodiesel production industry.

Acid-Catalyzed Esterification Explained SiteMap, I know more than you do, so surprise me.

ADDING ACID TO REDUCE ACIDITY IN FEEDSTOCK OILS: The counterintuitive Process of acid-catalyzed Esterification Explained:


Action Compaction
Actionable Change and the Rational Majority

It remains surprising to me that the climate change issue remains utterly unaddressed by global policy makers. As the climate continues to warm and the oceans continue to acidify and it becomes more difficult to ignore the extreme environmental events that are becoming commonplace, we are left to wonder why change is so slow in coming?

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Advanced Energy Propulsion
Agog at $133 a Barrel!

We stand here, collectively agog at our energy misfortunes. The price for a barrel of oil is up 33 percent in the last 45 days - from a then historic high of $100/barrel!
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Alachua County Household Hazardous
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