The latest from The US Military: they make 200+ gallons of fuel per day with with a BioPro 380EX & SpringPro T76 and saved $560,00 in their first 10 months. US Military
Uraguay makes 30. BioPro processors currently operating in 30 countries and in all 50 states. View the network

We Make The BioPro™ Biodiesel Processors. Automated, ASTM-grade fuel for 85 ¢/gal


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Daphne Utilities
Daphne Utilities

Daphne Utilities in Daphne Alabama has established an award winning cooking grease recycling program with a BioPro 190. Each month, more than 400 gallons of used cooking oil are donated by residents of Daphne to their Municipal Utility company. Their recycling program allows the municipality to reduce costs on sewer maintenance and clean up ($ millions are spent nationally, every year, to clean up sewer spills associated with illegal kitchen oil disposal).

Daphne Utilities - Biodiesel
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Daryl Hannah BioPro 190
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Dean Jacobs
Debt and the Scariest Repo Man

There is a raging political debate that is consuming the airwaves of late - apparently 4 guys in North Carolina and 3 women in Nevada can't tell the difference between the presidential candidates positions on.....just about everything (Early on, I was taught to avoid political discussions in new business settings, and I treat these posts as new business settings. I want the readers to evaluate the substance of biodiesel, rather than the ephemeral policy of biodiesel. So, I will attempt to employ objectivity from here on).

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