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BioPro Pressurized Water Kit Installation

Pressureized water kit for springboard biodiesel. BioPro 190 ONLY

Below is a step by step guide for installing the WATER PRESSURE KIT on the BioPro 190.

The water pressure kit consists of two pieces of hardware: The Solenoid Valve, which goes inside your BioPro 190 and The Pressure regulator which connects your BioPro 190 to a pressurized water source, like a garden hose, outside your BioPro 190.

Step 1

Unscrew 4 screws on the front of the black casing atop your BioPro 190.

Step 2

Lift lid and prop open, either against an adjacent wall or with a dowel, then locate water-valve-to-be-replaced inside machine (in back).

Step 3

Remove four connections (see arrows): 2 for water, two for electrics. Once detached, pull up and remove existing water valve. Note: when removing water connections, depress ends of metal connections, where tubing runs in, to release grip.

Step 4

Locate your replacement solenoid valve.

Step 5

Install by reconnecting same four connections removed earlier (see arrows). Note: when seating the new solenoid valve you will have to push the bottom of the water intake pump (at left) to the left to make more room. This is a perfectly acceptable procedure and will not inhibit the performance of your BioPro. Close black lid and screw 4 screws back in place.

Step 6

Insert water-in line to back of machine.

Step 7

Locate water pressure fitting.

Step 8

Attach hose to one end of fitting, and water-in line to other end of fitting.

Step 9

Rotate black cylindrical nob on top of fitting to adjust water pressure from hose to 2-3 psi. This is the recommended water pressure for optimal washing conditions.

You’re ready to go!

Live in a cold area?
If you need to add Vinegar simply pour in the amount you want to add into the main tank (we recommend 1 gallon), before you start your first wash cycle.