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3 Types of Eco Friendly Cars


3 Types of Eco Friendly Cars

  1. Hybrid electric – The hybrid electric car is the most common eco-friendly car around. The hybrid engine is partially fuel driven and partially electric. They tend to be more expensive than regular cars, but you make your money back within five years.
  2. All electric – The new type of eco-friendly car has been the all-electric. These cars use absolutely no gas, and charge overnight at your home. The only thing hold these cars back are the distance you’re able to drive them before you need to charge.
  3. Biodiesel – Biodiesel is a vegetable oil and animal fat based diesel that burns cleaner and is better for the environment. Even better, not new car is needed. To use biodiesel, you just fill your diesel engine up. An added bonus is that it actually cleans the buildup from the old diesel fuel.

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