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SpringPro™ T76 Springboard Biodiesel, LLC. Drywash Columns -

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The SpringPro™ T76 is a durable, easy to operate, universal drywash system designed by Springboard Biodiesel.


All SpringPro™ T76s Now Include "The Premium Package" which bolts to the bottom of the unit. This includes a stainless steel, adjustable metering pump, power supply, 5 micron filter at the outlet and an assortment of hoses for dispensing the finished fuel.


The SpringPro™ T76 is not a requirement for making biodiesel (all you need is a BioPro™), however, it will speed up the washing process from 24 hours (time required in the standard BioPro™) to 2.5 hours AND it doesn't use water.


The SpringPro™ T76 is a robust and easy to use cleaning system that uses resins instead of water to polish your finished biodiesel.  It connects seemlessly to your BioPro™ and/or any existing processor.








Using a dual tower design with elevated resin support beds, the SpringPro™ T76 drywash system offers superior performance and efficiency by ensuring uniform fluid concentration throughout the entire column length.  The SpringPro™ T76 is plumbed in a classic lead/lag configuration for optimal fuel purification and longer resin life.


Like the BioPro™, the SpringPro™ is easy to use.  Connect it to your processor, open your valves and turn it on.  When your media is spent, the columns pivot 40 degrees and lock enabling a user to remove and replace the media with relatively little down time.


  • No more grappling with heavy columns.
  • No more spending valuable time fighting to completely remove spent resin though a side port.
  • Ease of use, outstanding performance- "Must be from Springboard Biodiesel."


The SpringPro T76 works in conjunction with any biodiesel processor and dramatically increases overall processing capacity (If you use a BioPro, it will double your processing capability). Read the FAQ's about the SpringPro T76


 springpro drywash system for biodiesel processor

Why The SpringPro T76 is Unique!

The SpringPro T76 delivers industry leading quality and ease of use. Unlike traditional drywash tower systems, which either rest on the bottom cleanout or are equipped with side cleanouts, the SpringPro T76 employs Theta-Lok technology that allows each column to easily tilt 40 degrees. This elevates the bottom of the towers, making it far easier to unload spent resin through the bottom port.


Using welded steel construction, a powder coated finish and durable stainless steel jacketed Teflon plumbing, the clean and reliable SpringPro T76 drywash system is the easiest way to purify your biodiesel using any of the leading drywash resins on the market today.*



What filtering "media" do we recommend?

BD-Zorb X
The SpringPro T76 has been designed to use an absorbent media, like BD-Zorb X, in its lead column. BD-Zorb X will remove the majority of the contaminents before the biodiesel passes through to the lag column.  When using BD-Zorb X, the lead column will have to have this media replaced every 1500 to 2000 gallons depending on quality of reaction and soap content.

The SpringPro T76 uses an ionic exchanmge resin, like DW-R10, in the lag column.  DW-R10 is an ion exchange resin that "polishes" the biodiesel before it is ready to be stored or burned in your engine.  This lag column's media will need to be replaced after approximately 9,000 to 10,000 gallons of biodiesel have passed through it.

*Keep in mind that any media can be used in the two columns, however, based on longevity, cost and efficiency, Springboard's engineers recommend these two.

What is Theta-Lok?

Theta-Lok is a latching tool, much like you might find on weight lifting equipment at the gymn.  It allows both SpringPro™ T76 columns to quickly tilt 40 degrees and then latch securely into place. This "tilt function" enables a user to replace media quickly and easily.

* As with all drywash tower systems, in order to ensure ASTM D6751 compliant fuel, the user must remove any trace amounts of methanol that remain after purification through the SpringPro T76. Read the FAQ's about the SpringPro T76

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