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Acid-Catalyzed Esterification Explained

ADDING ACID TO REDUCE ACIDITY IN FEEDSTOCK OILS: The counterintuitive Process of acid-catalyzed Esterification Explained:


How to Titrate Oil Prior to Making Biodiesel

To accurately determine the acidity (FFA content) of your oil, you need to accurately know the strength of your base solution. It is nearly impossible to measure out a small amount of the base (like sodium hydroxide) to mix into a solution with a high degree of accuracy. One of the problems encountered in trying to do this, is the fact that NaOH quickly absorbs water and CO2 out of the air. This makes the compound both heavier and weaker. Steps 2-6 (above) have allowed you to determine the strength of the basic solution that you are using to titrate your oil. To double check the strength of your base solution, repeat steps 2-6 to make sure the results compare.


Reducing Your Carbon Footprint With Biodiesel

Springboard Biodiesel, LLC. spends a lot of time thinking about ways to reduce our carbon footprint. What we’ve discovered is that using biodiesel in our diesel engines is far and away the most dramatic and efficient way to shrink and accomplish our goal.

The US EPA has spent a lot of time studying biodiesel. In fact, no other alternative transportation fuel has been as thoroughly vetted. Here’s what they’ve concluded:

Springboard Eliminates over 82 million pounds of CO2 In 2011

Springboard Biodiesel, LLC. is committed to helping build an alternative energy infrastructure that ultimately replaces petroleum with sustainable, renewable, alternative energy sources that help protect our environment.