The latest from The US Military: they make 200+ gallons of fuel per day with with a BioPro 380EX & SpringPro T76 and saved $560,00 in their first 10 months. US Military
Uraguay makes 30. BioPro processors currently operating in 30 countries and in all 50 states. View the network

We Make The BioPro™ Biodiesel Processors. Automated, ASTM-grade fuel for 85 ¢/gal

Why a BioPro™

The Benefits of Making and using biodiesel made in a BioPro™ processor:


  1. If a business or institution makes biodiesel in SB’s equipment AND can collect used cooking oil for free, that entity will make a clean burning diesel replacement fuel for 95 cents per gallon. 95 cents –give or take 20 cents depending on where you live and the cost of your methanol- is the cost of all the other inputs required, including electricity, to make one gallon of fuel in a BioPro™.

  2. According to The California Air Resources board, if you make biodiesel out of collected waste cooking oil, it emits 90% less CO2 and approx.  50% less particulate matter than regular diesel ( )    

  3. Biodiesel can be made from ANY vegetable or animal oil.  Most BioPro™ owners convert used cooking oil,however, we do have a growing base of farmers who are converting everything from sunflower and cannola oil to liquified pork fat.  More feedstock sources continue to emerge.

  4. Biodiesel will run in ANY diesel engine without the need to convert your engine.  If you have a newer model engine that uses DPF technology, and you are leery of OEM positions on recommended blends, you may want to mix your biodiesel with more diesel (approx. 20% bio mixed with 80% diesel) until you decide to experiment with higher blends.

  5. Biodiesel is better for the life of your engines. It has superior lubricity than regular diesel and will create less wear in an engine (particularly significant when compared with ultra-low sulfur diesel.)

  6. Biodiesel will mix, at any ratio, with diesel, so it can be blended and used in conjunction with diesel.

  7. Biodiesel made locally on domestic soil reduces dependence on imported oil.


BioPro™ distinguishers:


1.  They are extremely easy to use (automated).

2.  They are safe. This cannot be over-valued.

3.  They make ASTM-D6751 grade biodiesel consistently and reliably (if a user follows the directions in the manual).

4.  Because the BioPro completes a dual reaction (acid then base), it will convert a wider range of oils than other small-scale processors that only do a base reaction.

5.  Track Record – Springboard currently has machines operating in 14 countries, in all 50 states.  See list of notable customers below.



Costs, sizes and speeds are as follows:

The BioPros™ come in two sizes (50 and 100 gallons) and will operate at two different speeds: 48 hrs or 23 hours.

BioPro™ 190: 50 gallons every 48 hours - $9,995

BioPro™ 190EX: 50 gallons every 23 hours - $13,990

BioPro™ 380: 100 gallons every 48 hours - $14,995

BioPro™ 380EX: 100 gallons every 23 hours - $19,990


In addition, Springboard also make a drywash system called The SpringPro™ T76 which will wash reacted biodiesel more quickly than water washing - cost = $6350.  Enabling a maximum output of 100 gallons every 13 hrs (or 1200 gallons per week or 65,000 gallons per year).




How much oil can you collect? note that the BioPro 380 EX alone can produce as much as 700 gallons per week.



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Notable Customers:


FL. National Guard at Camp Blanding: Operates a BioPro™ 190

Sara Lee Corporation: Operates a BioPro™ 190

Toyota, Inc. Manufacturing facility in Huntsville, AL operates a BioPro 190

Federal Bureau of Prisons, MD, IL, and IN. Using BioPro™ 190, 380EX x 2 and a T76

The Brookfields Restaurants of Sacramento operate a BioPro™ 190

Chinese Ministry of Agriculture: Using two (2) BioPro™ 380s

Petroleum Corp. of Jamaica operates a BioPro™ 190EX.

Cotton, Inc. tests cottonseed oils in their BioPro™ 190

Alachua County, FL Using a BioPro™ 190 for Muni fleet

Daphne Alabama Utilities: BioPro 190

Sierra Nevada Brewery: Operates a BioPro™ 190

Petro Pontiac Using a BioPro™380EX to make and sell B-100

Burrough of Norwood, NJ: Using a BioPro™ 190 & SpringPro™ T76

Bentley Biofuels Using a BioPro™ 190EX

Alabama Inst. of Deaf & Blind Using a BioPro™ 380EX and SpringPro™T76

70 US colleges and universities currently operating at least one BioPro™